MRAM Developer Day

August 5, 2019
Santa Clara, California


Accent Modification for Speakers of English as a Foreign Language

Karen Van HookIf your message is important, make sure you're ready to speak at your best.

You've invested so much to come and speak at the MRAM Developer Day. Don't let your pronunciation weaken your message.

If you speak English as a foreign language, you know the pronunciation isn't easy. Even if you've been speaking English for many years, you may still have an accent that gets in the way of your message. Maybe the audience doesn't understand every word. Or maybe the words are clear, but your tone of voice doesn't have the impact that you want to have. These are solvable problems.

Dr. Karen Van Hook has a PhD in Linguistics and over 15 years' experience. She specializes in coaching English pronunciation and speaking skills for people who speak English as a foreign language. She takes a comprehensive approach -- not just correcting a few words here and there, but helping you to speak with a rhythm and tone of voice that will help you to connect with your audience and get your message across. She has developed a unique methodology, combining techniques from the worlds of linguistics, voice coaching and acting.

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