MRAM Developer Day

August 5, 2019
Santa Clara, California


Forum/Seminar Organizer Instructions


We suggest the following session structure:


We will provide a projector (participants should bring their own laptops to hook up to it) and a wireless microphone. A roving person will be available to help with the equipment.


As organizer, you are in charge of questions and answers. Do not allow questions or answers to exceed two minutes. Ask overzealous people to expand on their thoughts privately. Do not allow anyone to dominate the time.

Be sure everyone can hear the questions. Be particularly careful with questioners near the front of the room, since they are completely inaudible to those behind them. Repeat questions if necessary.

We suggest you make up 3 questions as starting points and as a fallback position in case the audience has little to contribute. We also suggest you ask each presenter to make up a question and send it to you. This will give you questions of known relevance and will help bridge dry spells.


Enforce the time limits as strictly as possible. Warn speakers when they are within a minute of using their allotted time. A hand signal or a paper sign will do the job. Allow them about two minutes leeway before interrupting them and noting that time has expired. Be diplomatic but firm. Also warn participants near the end of a question and answer period. Indicate that the next question will be the last one. Give a little leeway if someone has been waiting a long time. Again, be diplomatic but firm. When in doubt, always take another question or allow the speaker more time. Err on the side of generosity, but not too much.


Contact each participant about a week before the session to be sure that he or she will attend. If there is a problem, ask the person to suggest a replacement.

Try to be at the session room at least 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time. Check whether all required facilities are present, such as chairs, audiovisual equipment, and water. Contact the hotel staff or the Conference Chairperson if anything is missing. Introduce yourself to each participant.