MRAM Developer Day

August 6, 2018
Santa Clara, California


Program At-A-Glance

sample, proposed, not actual

Monday, August 6th
8-9am Registration/Continental Breakfast/Table and Poster Showcase
9-9:15am Welcome to the Conference
9:15-9:45am Keynote
9:45-10am Refreshment Break
10-11am MRAM Annual Update/MRAM Market Research (Mark Webb)
11am – Noon MRAM Application Briefs (Short presentations on key applications) Embedded MRAM Panel (Dave Eggleston)
Noon-2pm Lunch and Showcase
2-3:15pm MRAM Caches (Design and Interface) Discussion Group on Design Criteria (Cost/Performance/Power Tradeoffs)
3:15-3:30pm Refreshment Break
3:30-4:45pm5 MRAM Reference Designs Discussion Group on MRAM Software
5-6pm Panel on MRAM in 2024 and How We Got There

Other Types of Sessions That Could Be Offered: